What are the Stages of Your Weight Loss Journey? 


Weight loss is critical for those individuals suffering from severe obesity. Obesity is a chronic condition that occurs when the body accumulates too much fat, which can lead to other serious complications such as heart and kidney disease, high blood pressure, damaged blood vessels, vision loss, nerve damage, or even death. Although there is no cure for obesity, losing weight can help to manage its symptoms and prevent complications. Many people wonder when they will start seeing weight loss results. It does, however, take time. Weight loss is however not an easy process; many factors interact to influence weight loss. Log on to https://bariatricbrooklyn.com/ to know more about weight loss. 

Keep reading this article to learn how weight loss happens and its stages.  

Stages of weight loss 

There are 2 stages of weight loss include:  

Rapid/initial weight loss:  

During this stage, you lose weight very rapidly in the first 4 to 6 weeks (about 1 and a half months). However, the weight you lose in this stage doesn’t come from fat loss instead it comes from carbs, protein, and water, which is easy to lose. People who follow a low-carb or keto diet lose weight faster than people who follow a low-fat diet because your body stores carbs faster along with water and depletes it faster when you work out. Other factors besides diet such as age, sex, starting weight, and physical activity level, can influence your rate of weight loss. You can lose weight faster if your starting weight is higher and you exercise more frequently. 

Slow weight loss/Weight loss plateau:  

In this stage of weight loss, you lose weight at a much slower rate, however, but the weight you lose is the actual fat. It generally starts after 6 weeks (about 1 and a half months) and beyond. At times, you feel you are not even losing any weight. You hit a weight loss plateau which means your metabolic adaptations are decreasing your metabolism, but this only happens when people start restrictive diets that are too hard to follow, making people quit that diet plans. That’s why you should follow a proper dietary pattern that fits, and lifestyle and you can stick to it in the long term. Either way, some adjustments need to be made in your diet and lifestyle over time to reach your goal. 

Like weight gain, losing weight is a complex process that depends on many factors. Some of them are changeable while some are not. But it does not mean that you cannot lose weight. Just following a proper weight loss plan, daily workouts, and enough sleep can help to lose weight and with minor adjustments over time to reach the goal weight.  

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