Have you noticed that your eyes are watering or tearing too much? Although tears are needed to keep your eyes healthy, too much tearing can sometimes make it difficult to see, especially if you are driving.

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Here are some of the conditions that make your eyes water a little too much:

· Dry eyes

If your body doesn’t make enough tears, your eyes can dry too fast. This can be a result of other medical conditions, but whatever the cause may be, your eyes react by making more tears.

· Allergies

Symptoms of allergies can include watery and itchy eyes that often come with cough and runny nose. Having colds can also cause watery eyes but it doesn’t make your eyes itch.

· Pinkeye

Pinkeye, or conjunctivitis, is a common cause of watery eyes. With this condition, your eyes can look red or pink and can be itchy. This can be caused by a viral or bacterial infection.

· Blocked tear ducts

Normally, your tears flow out from your tear glands and drain into your tear ducts. But if your tear ducts get clogged, the tears build up, causing your eyes to get watery. This can be caused by a lot of conditions, including infections, injuries, and even aging.

· Eyelid problems

Your eyelids act as the windshield wipers of your eyes, when you blink, they spread the tears and sweep away the extra moisture of your eyes. But sometimes, they don’t work as they should, your eyelids and lashes can curve inwards and rub against your eyes. They can also curve outward, and the lids can wipe your eyes when you blink. Either way, these conditions can trigger watery eyes and you might need surgery to fix the conditions of your eyelids.

· Stye

A stye is usually caused by a bacteria and would usually go away on its own. This condition would usually make your eyes watery. Do not try to pop your stye as it can cause an infection. You can try using a warm washcloth on your eye to ease the pain.

· Foreign objects in the eyes

When something gets in your eyes, such as dirt, dust, or even your own eyelash, your eyes make more tears to flush out the foreign objects. Sometimes, even things that are too

minuscule, like smoke, can trigger water in your eyes. Once these are flushed out, your eyes should stop watering.

· Scratch on the eye

If you are wearing contact lenses, it can scratch your eyeball or cornea. Dirt and sand that get stuck in your eyes can also cause this problem. When this happens, your eyes may look red, get hurt, and becomes sensitive to light. Although a scratch in your cornea can heal in a day or two, it is still important that you seek treatment to avoid infection in the eye.


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