What is Achilles Tendon Release


An increased range of motion can be achieved through a surgical technique called tendon release, also called a tenotomy. The method is performed to loosen up muscles that have become overly contracted. The tendon may be redirected in order to preserve muscle function. Podiatrist Brownsville is in constant communication with Doral Health and Wellness. Examinations, injury care, and surgical operations involving the legs are all part of the service they provide. If you have problems with your feet as a result of your diabetes, you can also visit a Diabetic Foot Doctor. 

This is the last resort when less invasive methods have failed to alleviate a patient’s symptoms. Babies born with clubfoot, as well as adults who experience muscle tightening and decreased length as a result of cerebral palsy, as well as other nerve and muscle problems, are excellent candidates for tendon release surgery. Many other common ailments and illnesses are treated with it as well, such as hammertoe, tennis elbow, and Achilles tendonitis.

Individuals who have tried other treatments, including plaster, splints, or flexibility training, without success are good choices for tendon release surgery. There is a high likelihood of success with tendon release, and most patients regain complete muscle function following the operation. 

The Reason for the Procedure 

A tendon release is performed to correct shortness or incorrect development of the muscle-tendon unit. Muscle shortening causes discomfort, deformity, and other symptoms that can be alleviated with this treatment. 

A muscle can shorten or become resistant to stretching if it is held in a contracted state for too long. Fibrous tissue can form in the tendon and the muscle, making them less flexible. Tendon release is a treatment option available for a variety of problems, including the most popular ones like mallet toe and tendonitis, as well as other sports-related injuries. 

Contracture is a set of alterations that can happen in people with cerebral palsy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, abnormalities of the spine, cerebrovascular disease, and injuries to the brain due to trauma. A tenotomy is performed to stretch the tendon so the muscle can resume its original position. 

Procedures During Treatment 

It is common practice to make a cut in the flesh close to the tendon’s site in order to accomplish a tendon release. With great care, the surgeon separates the tendon from the surrounding fat, muscle, and tissue. This is followed by a series of precise incisions running the side of the tendon, which allows it to lengthen. This also provides the muscle with an opportunity to lengthen. The tendon could then be fastened elsewhere, depending on the operation. The hand, elbow, shoulder, pelvis, knee, and ankle tendons are the most typical targets for tendon release, while the procedure can be done on any tendon in the body. 

For tendons close to the skin’s surface, like the Achilles’, a little incision is all that’s needed to quickly and painlessly release the tendon. On the other hand, tendons in the hip or the wrists typically call for a more invasive operation. 

Surgery to release a tendon can be done either under localized or total anesthesia, based on the accessibility of the muscle being worked on. Joint replacement surgery can often be performed on many joints at once. 

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