What is Dyshidrosis

Have you noticed blisters on your skin? Usually on your fingers, hands, and feet? These could be dyshidrosis.

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Dyshidrosis is a type of dermatitis, a skin condition, that causes your skin to develop small, fluid-filled blisters. These blisters usually form on your hands and feet. These blisters usually only last for about three weeks. But they sometimes recur, and repeated dyshidrosis attacks can result in fissures, dryness, and thickening of the skin.

The blisters on your skin can cause severe itching and can sometimes be very painful. These blisters are usually very small but can group in clusters and merge to form larger blisters.

The exact cause of dyshidrosis is still unknown, but it is commonly associated with other similar skin conditions like atopic dermatitis and hay fever.

This condition is most likely triggered by some of the following:

  • Stress – dyshidrosis seems to be more common when you are emotionally distressed or undergoing physical stress.
  • Sensitive skin – when you encounter certain irritants, your skin can have a reaction that can cause dyshidrosis.
  • Exposure to metals – you could be exposed to metals that can also cause dyshidrosis
  • Atopic dermatitis – if you have atopic dermatitis, you could also develop dyshidrosis

Because dyshidrosis causes intense itchiness, scratching is hardly avoided. Too much scratching on the affected area can cause sores and you’ll have an increased risk of bacterial infection. To prevent too much scratching, there are available treatments that can relieve some of your skin’s itchiness. Depending on the severity of your dyshidrosis, treatments can include:

  • Corticosteroids – these are creams and ointments used to speed up the disappearance of blisters on your skin. You can wrap the affected in plastic wrap for better absorption.
  • Immune-suppressing ointments – this is a type also a type of ointment that you can use for the treatment of your dyshidrosis
  • Phototherapy – if other treatment methods are not effective, your doctor can recommend this type of treatment which uses a special kind of light therapy that combines exposure to UV lights with drugs
  • Botulinum toxin injections – this type of treatment can be recommended by your doctor to treat severe cases of dyshidrosis

Keep in mind that self-medicating can usually cause more damage and infection to your skin. Always seek medical attention so your doctor can give you the right and proper medication for your condition.

Also, make sure that you practice good hygiene and skin care practices to help protect your skin. You can:

  • Use mild cleansers and lukewarm water to wash your hands
  • Make sure that you moisturize regularly after washing and drying your hands

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