What Slows Down Your Metabolism: Mistakes You Make 


Our body weight depends on many factors and one of them is metabolism (a chemical process that converts the calories that we consume from food and drinks and convert them into energy for essential body functions such as breathing, digestion, or circulatory blood, even when your body is at rest). However, due to several mistakes, you can slow down your metabolism. Weakness, weight gain, headache, depression, constipation, dry skin, and brittle nails are the common symptoms of slow metabolism. Log on to https://bariatricbrooklyn.com/ to know more about weight loss. 

Learn those common mistakes that people make that cause slow metabolism 

5 Things that slow down your metabolism 

Not getting enough sleep:  

Work, playing games, and watching tv at night destroy sleep time and quality which not only affects your physical health but also your metabolism.  

During your sleep, the body repairs your injuries and regulates your hormones. And metabolism provides energy for these functions. Less sleep can lower your metabolic rate and increase the chances of weight gain or several illnesses like depression, heart disease, or diabetes.  

Interrupted or not enough sleep affects the body’s internal clock of circadian rhythms which can decrease your resting metabolic rate by an average of 8%.  

Consuming fewer calories:  

Many people think that eating fewer calories can make them lean. But at what cost? And does it work? Well yes, in the short term, they lose weight but in the long term, they only increase the chances of making themselves sick due to a lack of nutrients, and calories. Fewer calories mean less energy which impacts the body’s functions and slows down your metabolism. So, instead of staying on a calorie deficit for a long time change your diet and lifestyle plan to lose weight.  

Inconsistent daily meals:  

Skipping breakfast, late-night dinners, or late meals due to late-night sleep; this inconsistency is quite common in many people. But what they don’t realize is that inconsistency also impacts their physical and mental health, especially their metabolism. If you skip your breakfast, you put quite a load on your metabolism to provide you with energy. This type of load can wreck your metabolism and slow it down.  

Anxiety, worry, and stress:  

Everybody feels stressed sometimes but if you experience stress more often (due to your work, family issues, relationship issues, etc.) then it’s not only bad for your health but also bad for your metabolic rate. Stress increases the hormones that stimulate your appetite center to give you comfort from eating sugary or fatty foods, which slow down your metabolism and leads to developing eating disorders and weight gain. So, manage your stress by using stress-coping techniques such as yoga, mindful meditation, deep breathing, exercise, etc.  

Lack of strength training: 

To boost your metabolism and prevent it from slowing down with aging, strength training is the best option especially when you do weights. Many healthy people have a good metabolic rate due to their strength training. It also improves your heart health as well. You burn more calories to provide energy for your workouts which helps you to burn body fat and build healthy muscle mass. In contrast, for people who avoid gyms and don’t do strength training, their metabolic rate starts to decline especially with aging. 

These are the most common mistakes that people make which lower their metabolism. But you can avoid them by improving your lifestyle and adopting healthy habits to improve your metabolism.  

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