Heart attack is a life-threatening emergency that requires quick action. Immediate treatment can lessen the damage to the heart, and it can save many lives.


Symptoms for every person can vary. Not all heart attacks can start with a sudden chest pain. Sometimes they may begin slowly, with only mild pain and a little discomfort. They can also happen even when you are at rest, or not doing any rigorous activity. But the severity of this condition will depend on the age, gender, and other medical condition of the patient.


Everyone should be able to see the early signs of a heart attack. We can help better if we know how to tell that someone, it could be a stranger or a loved one or ourselves, is having a heart attack. Common signs can include:

· A chest discomfort that feels like a pressure, pr fullness that can last up to a few minutes

· A pain that goes beyond the chest area into the other parts of the body

· A shortness of breath

You can also notice some other symptoms like cold sweats, indigestion, vomiting or unexplained fatigue.


If you or someone you are with experience tightness of the heart, or any other heart attack symptoms, call 911 immediately. Although you can drive the patient yourself to the hospital. It is better to wait for an ambulance. The emergency medical services personnel, or EMS, knows how to administer the primary care the patient needs. Most patients also delay going to the doctor thinking that it could be a false alarm. But always remember that with whatever conditions concerning your health safety, it is always better to be safe than sorry.


Try to calm the patient, or yourself, until the paramedics can come. Being anxious can only make the condition worse. Nobody plans to have a heart attack. But always remember, that it is best to be prepared. You can try to create a heart attack survival plan for yourself or help someone you loved to create their own. Having information about your health, all the medicines you are taking, your allergies and emergency contacts will greatly help the responders in treating you correctly and accurately.


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