What to Expect at a Children’s Urgent Care Center

As a parent you’d want to give your children the best medical attention, whether preventive care or responsive care, that they can get. An urgent care clinic can cater all types of healthcare to your children, including non-life threatening health issues.

At Doral Health and Wellness Urgent Care, we have the best pediatric urgent care in Brooklyn. We can help you manage, deal, and treat illnesses of your children. We also offer different types of vaccination and immunization for the children’s medical needs.

At a children’s urgent care center, you can expect immediate medical attention for non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries. Services often include:

  • Quick Assessment

Your children are assessed immediately upon arrival to determine the severity of their condition. The pediatric urgent care doctors will check your child or children for any symptoms that they experience. This can help the urgent care doctors to properly diagnose your child or children.

  • Minor Injury Care

There are also treatments available at a pediatric urgent care that includes for minor injuries such as cuts, sprains, or minor fractures.

  • Illness Management

Pediatric urgent care also does evaluation and management of common illnesses such as colds, flu, ear infections, and respiratory infections.

  • Diagnostic Services

Although not all urgent care clinics offers these services, other urgent care centers offer basic diagnostic services like X-rays and lab tests. These services are necessary in diagnosing and treatment of health issues in your children.

  • Vaccinations and Immunizations

Some pediatric urgent care centers also provide vaccinations or immunizations for your children.

  • Prescriptions

When your children are diagnosed, if necessary, prescriptions may also be provided by the urgent care doctors. They are commonly given after your children are properly diagnosed.

  • Expertise in Pediatrics

Most children or young patients need special and delicate attention, so staff at a children’s urgent care centers are usually trained in pediatric care, ensuring that they receive a specialized attention designed for their age group.

It’s very important to remember that urgent care is not a substitute for emergency care. For life-threatening situations, it’s crucial to go to the nearest emergency room or call emergency services. Know the signs that warrants a call to emergency services, or when it is time to go visit an urgent care center.

Doral Health and Wellness have several urgent care clinics around New York that can cater to your children’s and family’s medical needs. We also have the best medical providers, physicians and staffs that are highly trained on their respective specialty. To know more about the locations of our urgent care clinics, you can visit us at Doral Health and Wellness.

You can also visit Doral Health and Wellness Urgent Care. We provide pediatric urgent care for common illnesses and injuries. Additionally, we also provide comprehensive care for any related injuries and health problems. We also offer other services, such as vaccinations, immunizations and blood testing. For more info, visit us at http://www.urgentcareclinicbrooklyn.com/ or call at 1-347-384-5690.