What to Know About Intimacy and Heart Disease? 


Concern about sexual activity is common among people with heart disease. Perhaps you have heart health concerns or questions about how much physical activity is safe for your heart. But going back to regular life and the pursuits that bring you joy is essential for keeping your level of well-being high. If you’re having heart issues, it’s best to see Top Cardiologist Brooklyn. Cardiologist Brooklyn may recommend an EKG and another test to detect and monitor this condition. 

When is it correct to do certain activities? 

You and your caretaker may worry that engaging in sexual activity will cause a heart attack. Inquire with your doctor about when you can resume sexual activity. 

Following cardiac arrest or surgery: 

  • If your doctor suspects a problem with your heart, he or she may order an exercise test. 
  • After a cardiac arrest, your doctor may advise you to refrain from sexual activity for at least two weeks. 

Be aware of the warning signs: 

  • The sensation of lightheadedness, dizziness, or fainting 
  • Constriction or tightness in the chest 
  • Constricted airway 
  • Nausea 
  • Abnormally slow, irregular, or rapid heart rate

Do not engage in sexual activity throughout the day if you are experiencing one of these symptoms and instead consult your healthcare provider. Stop having sex if you develop any of these symptoms while you’re having it or shortly afterward. Reach out to your doctor and go over your current symptoms.

How intimate can we get? 

Your doctor may clear you for sexual activity after cardiac surgery or cardiac arrest. Sexual activity and physical proximity to your spouse may feel different if you have health problems. Feelings like having a cardiac arrest during sex are only one of many concerns you could have. 

  • The pleasure of having sex decreases in comparison 
  • Disinterested in sexual activity and forming a deep relationship with your partner 
  • Experiencing anxiety or tension 
  • Feeling down or sad 
  • It’s as though you’ve completely transformed into someone else 

There may be a problem getting women sexually aroused. Problems with erections or other sexual functioning are common among men. As uncomfortable as having sex with you is, it’s possible that your partner is feeling the same way. 

Having issues? 

  • If you find yourself struggling to breathe while having sex, take a break. Consult a medical professional if the problem persists or returns after you restart sexual activity 
  • If chest discomfort occurs during sex, you should stop and begin taking the nitroglycerin your doctor prescribed. Make the prescribed doctor’s appointment. Take note that nitroglycerin should not be taken with some erectile dysfunction medications. Don’t really take nitroglycerin for chest discomfort if you are taking any medication that interacts negatively with it. Relax and wait for a bit. Call your doctor if the pain in your chest does not improve or go away 
  • See a doctor if you’re having trouble becoming aroused. In men, erectile dysfunction occurs frequently. Unless you are on nitrates, your physician might offer you drugs to enhance your sexual performance
  • Consult a medical professional if you have problems falling asleep after sexual activity or if you feel extremely fatigued the following day 

Individuals who have had heart surgery: 

Find out from your surgeon exactly when you can have sexual activity again after heart surgery. When prescribed by a medical professional, sexual activity has no health risks. After surgery, patients often need to rest for four to six weeks. If you want to avoid discomfort while you recuperate, it’s best to stick to low-impact activities that don’t put pressure on your chest. 

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