Vaccines are one of the most important and effective shields to prevent diseases. They help build your immune system and avoid diseases. Your immune system is made up of different organs that work together to protect your body from outside invaders.


Here are some of the reasons why it is very important to get vaccinated:


· By choosing to be vaccinated, you are not only protecting yourself and your family, you are also protecting people in your community, especially the ones that are vulnerable to diseases. By choosing to get vaccinated, you help wipe out the diseases that could spread.


· Vaccinations will help you get protected throughout your life against many infections and diseases. When you skip your vaccines, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to many diseases.


· Vaccine is as important as diet and exercise in your overall health. Just like living a healthy lifestyle, vaccines play a very vital role in keeping you healthy. Vaccines is one of the safest preventive measures available for you and your family.


· Vaccines cannot cause the diseases and conditions they are designed to prevent. Vaccines only contain weakened or killed viruses, making it impossible for them to cause the disease.


· Contrary to popular belief that only people with weak immune systems get sick from serious infections and complications, young and healthy people can get very sick too. So even if you seem to be at the top of your health, getting vaccinated can and will help you stay that way.


· When you get sick, you jeopardize the health of those people around you. If you are living with your parents, grandparents, or children, you risk their health when you get sick. You can quickly spread viruses and infections to them, especially because they are the ones with a weakened immune system or with an underdeveloped immune system.


· When you get sick from vaccine-preventable diseases, you will most likely miss work and be unable to fulfill your duties. Missing a few days or may not affect you financially. But when you miss work because you contracted the flu, which could be prevented if you got vaccinated. An average flu illness can make you miss work for an average of six to eight days.



Getting vaccinated is one of the key components of primary health care. It is one of the best investments that you can avail of. Vaccines are very critical in preventing and control of diseases, not just in one country, but in the world.


Vaccines are designed and created with antibodies when exposed to a disease. Although not all in the community can be vaccinated, there are people who are too young or too sick to be able to get the vaccination. With enough people vaccinated, the spread of the virus will be contained and hopefully, stopped completely.


Although getting vaccinated is very important, check with your primary health doctor first before having the vaccine. Make sure that you consult with them first about the kind of vaccination that you are getting.


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