Common Problems That a Urologist Treats

A urologist is a specialist in the urinary tract and male reproductive system. They handle situations involving your kidney, ureters, bladders, urethra, and all the muscles and nerves associated with them. They are also the primary doctors that address the problems of the penis, testes, scrotum, and prostate.

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You might be wondering what kind of conditions urologists treat. So, we’ve broken down some of the common problems a urologist can treat.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer happens when the cells found in your prostate gland start to grow out of control. The prostate glands are responsible for making some fluid that is part of the semen. Your prostate is located below your bladder and in front of your rectum.

Enlarged Prostate

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) happens when your prostate and its surrounding tissue swell. This condition is also called prostate enlargement, which usually occurs as men get older. This is not cancer and does not increase your risk of having prostate cancer.

Urinary Tract Infections

A urinary tract infection is an infection in your urinary system, which involves the kidney, bladder, and urethra. When bacteria get into your urinary system it causes infection and inflammation thus urinary tract infection (UTI).


Vasectomy is a surgical procedure, a form of male birth control that will cut the supply of your sperm to the semen. This is done by cutting the tube that carries your sperm.

Male Infertility

Fertility refers to your ability to reproduce without medical assistance. Male infertility usually depends on the quality of your sperm cells and your ability to make your wife or partner pregnant. During sexual intercourse, your body makes tiny cells called sperm that are ejaculated into your wife or partner’s body. The testicles are the ones that make and store your sperm.

Overactive Bladder

An overactive bladder is a condition that causes frequent and sudden urge to urinate, especially during the night. People with this condition often leak urine immediately when they feel the urge to pass urine.

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a condition in which you have no control over your bladder. Its severity ranges from occasional leaking when sneezing or coughing, to a sudden and strong urge to urinate that you don’t get to the toilet in time. This condition is more common in older people, especially women.  Bladder control issues prevent people from living their normal lives, but incontinence can often be stopped or controlled.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, commonly referred to as ED, is your inability to maintain an erection suitable for sexual intercourse. According to studies, about 1 out of 10 males suffer from ED at some point during their lifetime.

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