First Aid for Eye Scratches

Eye scratches are inevitable, especially if you do housework and play sports. Or if you have pets such as dogs and cats, ang you play with them. These incidents can sometimes still happen no matter how much we avoid them. Eye scratches are minor conditions as long as you do not experience intense eye pain or if you have trouble seeing.

Contact Doral Health and Wellness and talk to our primary care doctors or eye doctors if you have eye scratches to prevent further eye injuries. They are the best doctors in Brooklyn, and they can help and work you with your condition.

If you have eye scratches, here are some tips on do’s and don’ts in caring for your eyes:

  • Blink – blinking can help bring moisture to your eyes. This can also help in getting rid of dust and other small particles that get to your eyes.
  • Rinse your eyes with saline solution or clean running water – if you do not have access to clean running water, get a small and clean glass. Position it on the bone just below your lower eyelid. This will help flush the foreign object stuck in your eye.
  • Wear sunglasses – if you have eye scratches, your eyes can be sensitive to light. Wear sunglasses to make you comfortable and help the healing process faster.
  • Rub your eyes – rubbing your eyes can cause more damage to your eyes. Refrain yourself from rubbing to prevent making the scratch worse.
  • Wear your contact lenses – wearing your contact lenses will make the healing process of your eyes slow. It can also create more complications, especially if your contact lenses are not adequately cleaned. With this, make sure that you always wear properly cleaned lenses.
  • Use eye drops to relieve redness – most eye drops that can be bought over the counter are painful when used on your eyes with scratches. This can do more harm to your eyes.

Your eyes heal faster than your skin. But every scratch is different, and you cannot predict how long your eye scratch can heal. It is still best that you consult an eye doctor or a primary doctor so you can be advised on the best way to care for your eyes.

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