Foot Care Tips for Healthy Feet

Did you know that around 6% of the US population suffers from foot problems such as bunions, fallen arches, or foot injuries? Foot problems may not be common, but it is hard to deal with them if your symptoms get severe. But with proper care of the feet, you can prevent most foot problems. Learn 5 common foot care tips for healthy feet that you can follow in this article.

5 Foot care tips for healthy feet

These foot care tips can help you keep your feet healthy and fit. It includes:

  1. Keep your feet dry:

When your feet are sweaty or wet, the moisture can be held against the skin when you wear socks which causes irritation and problems. And if you bathe with either too hot or too cold water it can damage your skin, especially in people who have diabetes and lack skin sensation. Use a washcloth sponge and gentle soap to dry your feet completely before wearing your socks and shoes.

  1. Wear the right shoes for the right activity:

While you have lots of options to choose from when it comes to shoes. However, not all shoes are good for all activities. Walking or casual shoes are different from running shoes. And it’s not a market trick to buy more shoes.

Shoes are divided into running and walking categories based on movement patterns. Runners and walkers use different patterns of foot strikes and weight distribution. In the case of runners, they can use two to three times their weight with each step (compared to walkers who use only one or two times).

That’s why different shoes are made to meet the demands of your feet. For casual activity, non-competitive running and walking shoes can work, but for long-distance runners or walkers, you need to find specific shoes for longer activities. If you do multi-directional activities such as pickleball, tennis, or basketball, you need shoes with medial or lateral stability to balance side-to-side motions which are not available for running or walking shoes.

  1. Avoid wearing shoes that do not fit properly:

Do not purchase shoes that are too big or too small for you because it leads to many foot problems. Shoes that are too big or wide can make your feet slide around in the shoes, causing friction and leading to blisters; whereas shoes too small or too tight can cause bruised toenails, bunions, hammertoes, nerve pain, and other deformities.

While it may be hard to test shoes properly in a shop by walking or jogging, what you can do is measure your foot size and buy the shoes accordingly. While always buying shoes, make sure there is at least a thumb’s length room from the edge of the shoes to your big toe.

  1. Stretch your feet:

Stretching is important for your body, and for your feet as well. It increases foot flexibility, blood circulation and prevents/relieves pain. That’s why you notice when you take a foot massage you feel relaxed.

To stretch your feet, lie on your back on the floor or bed and elevate your feet for a few minutes. Then give your feet a soothing massage with your fingers or roll your feet over a golf ball, tennis ball, or a rolling pin for a similar effect. If you do more stretch exercises, you can ask your healthcare provider or podiatrist to tell you some stretches you can do.

  1. Examine your feet for problems:

Once a week when you take a bath or shower do a self-examination of both your feet. After you dry off your feet, take a good look at the soles for any scaling and between your toes for peeling areas. If there is some peeling area, then it could be a signal for an athlete’s foot. If you notice discoloration of the nails, then it can be an indication of nail fungus. If you have diabetes, you should inspect your feet every day to avoid the risk of foot sores and infections.

If you feel persistent foot or toe pain, it can indicate injury, irritation, or illness. If you notice any of these problems, you should make an appointment with a podiatrist who can examine the underlying cause of your problems and treat them accordingly.

These foot care tips allow you to take your feet properly to keep them fit and healthy. Like other parts of the body, they need proper care and rest. If any problem arises in your feet, you need to see a podiatrist who can find the cause and treat it accordingly.

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