How is Gastric Band Surgery Done? 


Is gastric band surgery safe? Well, the main advantage of this surgery is it has a lower risk of complications compared to other weight loss surgeries.  

All types of weight loss surgery are known as bariatric surgery, they are used as a last resort of treatment for patients who are on the verge of developing obesity complications such as blood vessel damage, nerve problems, vision loss, kidney problems, high blood pressure, etc. and not able to reduce weight with lifestyle and diet changes. Weight loss surgery not only reduces your weight but has many health benefits. But you need to follow a procedure before and after the surgery to maintain your weight. Log on to to know more about weight loss. 

Gastric band surgery – What is it?  

It is one of the safest, adjustable, and reversible bariatric surgery. This surgery is one of the most common types of weight loss surgery. 58.1% of all weight loss procedures are LAP-band surgery. During this surgery, the surgeon uses an inflatable tube (gastric band) around the top of the stomach. This band reduces the size of your stomach, which restricts your eating and storage capacity and makes you feel fuller even with less food.  

You must follow procedures before and after the surgery to maintain your weight. If you follow the after-surgery rules you can sustain a healthy weight throughout your life. It also helps to prevent diabetes and other serious obesity complications.  


Before the surgery, you need to follow some rules to get ready for the surgery such as starting regular workouts, limiting your calories between 1200 to 1500 per day, and avoiding caffeine and caffeine-containing beverages 1 month before the surgery.  

During surgery: 

  • First, they give you anesthesia, to make sure you fall asleep and don’t feel any pain during the operation. The operation is done by using the laparoscopic method in which a keyhole incision is done in your abdomen. The surgeon uses the first keyhole to install a tiny pump and inflate your abdomen with carbon dioxide gas.  
  • The surgeon installs the laparoscope which is a tiny light video camera that projects your organs onto the screen. Then, the surgeon will use his narrow tools to access your stomach through additional keyholes.  
  • Your surgeon then attaches the gastric band around the top portion of your stomach and tightens it to form a pouch. A gastric band is an inflatable tube that is made up of soft silicone. Your stomach now has narrow channels between the top and bottom portions which makes your stomach look like an hourglass.  
  • The surgeon fills the gastric band with fluid to make it adjustable. Your healthcare provider adjusts the pressure of the gastric band by adding or reducing fluid through the port.  
  • A gastric band is attached to a small plastic tube that runs under the skin and into the port. After the surgery, your healthcare provider can access the port with a special fine needle to inject and extract the fluid as needed.  
  • When everything is in place, the surgeon releases the gas from your abdomen and closes all the keyhole incisions by stitching. The procedure usually takes about 30 to 60 minutes.  

Recovery time can vary from person to person. A nurse monitors your health to make sure that you don’t develop any side effects from the surgery.  

Gastric band surgery is a type of weight loss surgery that involves less risk during surgery compared to other weight loss surgeries. However, it also has its pros and cons like all other weight loss surgeries. But it provides you with a reversible and removable option. But you need to take follow-up care, such as adjustments in the first year or two, possible revision surgeries later and lifelong changes in your eating habits. So, before making a choice consult the doctor about which surgery option is best for you.  

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