How the I-693 Medical Exam Shapes Immigration

Did you need form filing tips to avoid errors while filling out your I-693 form? Then this article is for you. We will provide the necessary details about the I-693 form, tips for filing the form, and mistakes you should look out for.

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What does the I-693 form look like?

This I-693 form (Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record) is for people who immigrate to the United States to adjust their status from immigrant to permanent U.S. resident.

To complete this form, you need to make an appointment with civil surgeons registered by the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services). The civil surgeon is responsible for conducting your medical exam to ensure that you are physically and mentally fit to live in America on your own and have all necessary vaccinations for diseases which seem contagious. After completing the medical exam, the doctor signs your form which should be submitted to USCIS to get your green card.

However, certain applicants come under an exemption, if applicants enter the United States with a K or V status because they have already undergone a medical exam as a part of their visa application process. As a result, the medical examination doesn’t reveal a Class A condition for inadmissibility unless the applicant receives a waiver by completing the waiver’s terms and conditions. The K or V visa applicants need to file for adjustment of status within one year of overseas medical examination.

Form filling tips

  • If you file the form online, complete it online and submit it simultaneously to the registered USCIS website. Take a copy to submit to the civil surgeon at the time of your medical exam.
  • If you download the form and handwrite the answers, use black ink. Ensure that everything that you write is clear and concise so that it can easily be read at the processing.
  • Make sure you sign your form in the space given for your signature. Any missed or unsigned form will get rejected during submission to the civil surgeon.
  • Make sure the form edition date and page numbers are clearly visible on all the pages of the form. In case any of the form’s pages are missing or completed with a different edition of the form, it may become the reason for your application rejection.
  • Completely fill in all the information that is asked for on the form. In case you make an error, start over with a clean form.
  • Avoid using highlighter, correction fluid or tape because scanners can’t read information that has been greyed out, highlighted, or corrected by fluid or tape.
  • When filing multiple forms, make sure you sign your name, date of birth, and A-number (if any) in the same way on each form (unless you want to legally change the name or date of birth and provide proof of such.
  • Use the Fee Calculator to find the correct fee to submit because incorrect or incomplete fees may become the reason for form rejection.
  • Suppose you are filing multiple applications, petitions, or requests, in that case, it is recommended that you send the payments of each application separately, because sometimes it may show one payment is submitted. Other applications, petitions, or requests are rejected along with other payments.
  • Keep in mind that you only need to fill in Part 1 and have identification information at the top of each page. The civil surgeon and other doctors, clinics, or health departments that receive a referral are required to complete the remaining parts of the form.

Things to watch out for

Make sure each application or petition is properly signed and filed. Keeping a photocopy of the signed application or typewritten name in place of the signature is not acceptable; this saves you time and effort when submitting.

Copies: Unless it specifically mentions that an original document be filed with an application or petition, you should submit its photocopy. In case you submit your original documents when it’s not required, it will stay the part of the record and not automatically return to you.

Translations: If any of your documents contain a foreign language submitted to USCIS they should be accompanied by a full English language translation by a professional certified translator to get the precise translated document.

Timelines: To ensure that your immigration medical exam result stays valid when you submit, keep your immigration examination date as close as possible to the time of your file for adjustment status, respond to a request for evidence, or attend an interview (if needed).

Make sure you provide enough time for any laboratory or additional testing required under the Technical Instructions for Civil Surgeons from the CDC.

To adjust your status from immigrant to permanent U.S. resident you need to make sure you fill out and complete your I-693 Form without any error. Make sure you follow all instructions carefully while filling out the form and keep photocopies of documents and forms in case of errors to start again on a new form.

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