Most Common Causes of Ankle Sprain 


It is the result of an injury to the ankle ligaments caused by rolling, twisting, or rotation. The strong ligaments that keep your ankle bones in place can easily be stretched or torn in this way. Joint instability is reduced because of ligaments’ stabilizing effect. When the ligaments are stretched past their normal limits, this occurs. Ankle sprains typically affect the structures on the outer part of the foot. In the event that you are experiencing foot or ankle pain, it is recommended that you see a Podiatrist in Brownsville. Podiatrists are medical specialists who focus on treating problems in the lower extremities and feet. They arrive at the scene of an accident first and undertake any surgery or therapy for a broken limb that is required. Those suffering from diabetic neuropathy may find relief at Foot Doctor in Brooklyn. 

An ankle sprain happens when a portion or all of the ligaments of the foot are stretched, torn in part, or torn completely as a result of sudden, unexpected motion. These tears can cause edema and bruises. It’s possible that putting pressure on the region will also hurt or be uncomfortable. The sprain could also affect the tendon, cartilage, and blood vessels.  

Sprained ankles are common and can happen to people of any age. This sort of damage can be brought on by engaging in strenuous physical activity, navigating uneven terrain, or even just donning the incorrect footwear.

Chronic Overuse of the Ankle 

Playing a sport or engaging in a career or activity that calls for regular use of the ankle, such as the recurrent utilization of ladders or stairs, can lead to overuse injuries in the ankle. An ankle sprain results from microscopic rips in the ligaments supporting the ankle. 


The ligaments that stabilize the ankle might be twisted if you take a fall. Ankle ligaments can be torn or pulled due to the direct blow and the twisting motion of landing on the floor or ground. 

The ankle injury that had already healed badly re-opened and cause pain 

If your ankle sprained in the past and it never fully healed, you may be at risk for further sprains and injuries. Therefore, rest your ankle and give it time to recover before resuming strenuous activity. 

Most sprained ankles get better without medical intervention. On the other hand, if a severe sprain isn’t treated by a doctor, it might cause long-term ankle instability. Ankle reconstruction surgery and physical therapy may be necessary in such circumstances. Even a severely injured ankle may respond well to nonsurgical treatment, so don’t put off seeing a doctor. 

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