Exploring the Link Between Endocrinology and Diabetes: Understanding Your Hormonal Health

Are you aware of the link between diabetes and endocrinology? Experts say the hormonal imbalance is one of the causes of diabetes. Hormonal management falls under the endocrine system. It is very much possible that diabetes is affected by hormonal imbalance, which increases your risk of other diabetes-related complications such as heart disease, kidney problems, vision issues, etc. That’s why you should know the connection between endocrinology and diabetes and when you should visit an endocrinologist for diabetes.  

Keep reading to find out.  

The link between endocrinology and diabetes 

There is a close connection between the endocrine system and diabetes because the endocrine system controls the hormones in our bodies. Even minor changes in those hormones can affect you deeply. You may experience weight gain or weakened bones. Conditions like diabetes can affect you because of this disturbance.  

You might know, diabetes occurs when your pancreas reduces the production of insulin, or the body does not use it properly. The insulin hormone’s primary function is to carry sugar from the bloodstream into the cells. Sugar is converted into energy for cells for bodily functions and the remaining sugar is stored in the liver for the future.  

Sugar is produced in our body from the food we eat. And if sugar is released in the body when your insulin is not used properly or produces too little or both, the build-up of sugar starts in the blood. This means that insulin hormone imbalance can cause diabetes. 

Similarly, people with diabetes risk developing serious health problems such as blindness, kidney disease or failure, nerve damage, heart attacks, stroke, or foot problems.  

What hormone imbalances can lead to diabetes? 

The primary hormone is insulin which leads to diabetes, but some other hormones affect your blood sugar levels which increase its risk. This includes hormones like:  

  • Glucagon hormone can control glucose and ketone production in your liver, which helps to maintain the fuel balance and sugar levels in your body.  
  • Amylin helps to maintain glucagon levels in the body and makes you feel satisfied after eating your meals. This hormone can decrease your blood sugar levels. 
  • Epinephrine hormone, also known as adrenaline, can stimulate your liver to produce sugar and promote fat & nutrient breakdown. Additionally, it can also increase your blood sugar levels.  
  • Cortisol is a steroid hormone that makes insulin resistant to muscle and fat cells and enhances glucose production in the liver in response to stress. While some cortisol is important, too much can build up your resistance to insulin.  
  • Estrogen hormone also affects your insulin response. When its levels change it also affects the rise or fall in blood sugar which means estrogen is connected to type 2 diabetes. 

 When to see an endocrinologist for diabetes? 

You should see an endocrinologist for diabetes:  

  • When you are new to diabetes and want to learn everything about it to manage it.  
  • When your doctor does not have much experience in treating diabetes.  
  • You accidentally take a lot of insulin shots or pump.  
  • Your diabetes becomes hard to manage, or treatment is not working.  
  • You develop diabetes complications. 

You can also visit an endocrinologist even when your doctor does not suggest it. But when it comes to visiting first, always visit your primary doctor and then other doctors, or maybe together if they cooperate.  

The Endocrine system manages many important hormones that are linked with each other in one way or the other. Any hormonal imbalance can affect its linked hormones. That’s why endocrinology is linked with diabetes due to hormonal interconnection. If you have diabetes, meeting an endocrinologist can help you understand diabetes better and its effects on other hormones. With the help of both an endocrinologist and a diabetologist, you can manage your diabetes with ease and live a better life.  

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