What is Podiatric Medicine?  


Podiatric medicine is the medical specialty that focuses on the prevention, detection, and management of problems relating to the human foot, including those caused by trauma or illness. Like a dentist or an ophthalmologist, a specialist in podiatric medicine is a specialist who has completed extensive training to treat a particular portion of the body which is the foot. When you’re having trouble with your feet or ankles, visit a Podiatrist in Brownsville. Podiatrists are medical experts who evaluate and treat problems in the feet and legs. They are the best in treating wounds and performing surgery on lower extremities. If you have diabetes and are having foot pain, you may want to make an appointment with Foot Doctor in Brooklyn. 

Due to its intricate network of connections, the human foot is often the first organ to reveal the presence of more systemic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular illness. Because many diseases first show signs in the lower extremities, podiatrists are often the first to uncover abnormalities that would otherwise go unnoticed (i.e., diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiac problems, or renal illnesses). 

So what services does one offer? 

Problems with the feet and ankles are best handled by podiatrists and medical professionals who focus on foot and ankle care. If it has to do with the feet or legs, a podiatrist is the best medical professional to see. Podiatric medical doctors can opt to focus on public health, orthopedics, or surgery. These doctors are versatile, as they are able to practice in a wide range of healthcare facilities, from outpatient centers and clinics to hospitals and academic medical centers.  

Common tasks for a podiatrist may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Identifying issues with the feet that may require medical attention, such as ulcers, fractures, foot illnesses, tumors, or deformities 
  • Offering advice to anyone suffering from foot problems 
  • Carrying out a range of diagnostic procedures such as X-rays, lab tests, and physical examinations 
  • Helping people with foot problems by giving them advice on how to treat them 
  • Surgical procedures on the ankle and foot, include correction of abnormalities, removal of tumors, and repair of fractures 
  • If other diseases, such as arthritis or kidney illness, are suspected based on a patient’s foot symptoms, the doctor will refer them to a specialist.

While some podiatrists devote much of their time to surgical procedures, others focus on treating specific conditions affecting the feet, such as diabetes and injuries sustained while playing sports. A podiatrist’s responsibilities will depend heavily on their area of expertise.

Where do podiatrists spend their days? 

Most podiatrists, though, find employment in medical facilities like clinics and hospitals. Podiatrists have the option of working solo or as part of a larger medical team. Most of a podiatrist’s day is devoted to visiting and helping actual patients.

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