Why Can’t You Lose Weight? 


Why can’t I lose weight even if I exercise and eat right? I haven’t lost any weight in 2 weeks. These types of questions bother many people who have overweight and obesity problems. Log on to https://bariatricbrooklyn.com/ and schedule your consultation. 

But there are several reasons behind your weight loss. For some medical reasons, you are not able to lose weight properly. Those reasons will be discussed in this article. Some of them are changeable while some of them are not. But learning those reasons allows you to make a better weight loss plan with your healthcare team for your weight loss. Doral Health & Wellness has doctors and staff who are specialized in treating weight-related problems. 

Reasons why you can’t lose weight 

These are the main reasons that interfere with your weight loss, such as: 


Whether you believe it or not, genetics does play a significant role in weight loss or gain. It’s your genetics that create your body type and shape. More than that, there is a theory that your body sets a weight range for itself in which it stays. When you try to lose weight too much below that set point, your brain starts resisting it by pushing your body weight back up to what it considers normal. But you can avoid that by progressing slowly in weight loss to alter those set points.  

What to do: The way to prevent it is by introducing change gradually. Start with eating fewer calories and start the workout by not being extremely intense in the beginning. Aim at less weight loss but on a progressive scale. That’s how you can achieve satisfactory results.  

Gut health: 

The gut is an important part of your digestive system. Its main function is to digest food and carry messages to other parts of the body and help the immune system fight gems. In case you have bad gut health it can increase your weight and prevent you from losing weight.  

What to do: You can improve your gut health by using prebiotics in your diet because it contains beneficial bacteria that keep your gut healthy. But before taking them, consult with your doctor about which one you should take as there is a variety of prebiotics available that can be harmful to you. So, choose wisely with the help of your doctor.  


Age is a very influential factor especially when you try to lose weight. After a certain age, body response and muscle mass start to decrease. Muscles burn fewer calories and more weight stays stored in the body which increases your weight. Additionally, natural changes in fat tissue also prompt weight gain with aging. It is more common in women than men.  

What to do: Well, you can’t control aging, but you can manage your lifestyle. People can lose weight at any age if they create habits that promote weight loss. Properly follow your weight loss program to get results which include eating nutrient-rich foods, limiting your processed and high-sugar foods, and adding resistance training into your routine to rebuild the lost muscle mass and strength.  


Stress is a crucial factor that influences weight loss. Some people binge eat when they are stressed. And they don’t eat healthy at that time but instead binge on high-calorie foods or fatty foods. And the body release cortisol hormone to manage stress which spikes your supply of energy in the body to manage it. That increases the urge to eat high calories food which is stored as fat in the body which leads to weight gain.  

What to do: Learn the techniques that help to manage your stress such as yoga, exercise, deep breathing, mindfulness meditation, or taking counseling to manage your stress.  


Metabolism is a chemical process that changes food and drinks into energy to regulate the body to sustain functioning which keeps you alive. Even at rest, the body needs the energy to repair damaged tissues, and hormones and promote overall growth. If your metabolism is slow it can lead to weight gain.  

What to do: While you can’t change how your metabolism works, you can make significant changes in your lifestyle that influence your metabolism such as performing more physical activities, eating healthy food with low amounts of calories, take enough sleep, etc.  


People follow everything from diet to exercise but forget an important thing which is sleep. You burn more calories in your sleep than in your gym. Why? Because during your sleep your broken muscle tissues and cells repair themselves and use the stored fat in the body. Other than that, good-quality sleep makes you physically active and improves your mood. This allows you to lose weight.  

What to do: To get proper sleep, eat healthily and make sure you stay physically active throughout the day, and prevent the blue light from phone screens, laptops, or TVs one hour before sleep. Sleep for at least 8 hours a day to see results.  

Health conditions: 

If you have certain diseases or health disorders, that can make it harder for you to lose weight such as type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), lipedema, etc. These diseases or sometimes their medications lead to weight gain and make your body resist weight loss.  

What to do: In case the disease is chronic you need to take medications to prevent its complications or symptoms. But you can consult with a doctor about alternate medications that don’t affect your weight. In cases of acute disease, wait until the disease is cured or change the medicines with consultation from a doctor.  

Can everyone lose weight? The answer is yes, they can. If they give enough time and patience and follow everything according to the weight loss program. Weight loss is a slow process that depends on factors besides diet and exercise. You need to take care of every factor to promote weight loss. Regular checkups and weight measurements help your bariatrics team to make the right plan that is effective for your weight loss.  

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