Bariatric Surgery Myths vs. Facts: Debunking Common Misconceptions About Weight Loss Procedures

Are you aware of the myths about weight loss surgery? There are many myths built around weight loss surgery and here we will bust the 5 most common myths about weight loss surgery. While Weight loss surgery is beneficial for weight loss it is used only when other treatment options fail. These surgeries are very effective for long-term weight loss and offer additional benefits as well.Doral Health & Wellness has the best bariatric surgery program, call us to know more about weight loss surgery.

Learn about the myths of weight loss surgery that may stop you from taking this surgery.

5 Myths Busted

Here are some of the most common myths about weight loss surgery busted!

  1. Weight loss surgery is risky.

Fact: Weight loss surgery like any other surgery indeed comes with certain risks. But those risks are not dangerous as compared to the risks that people are already carrying with obesity. Study shows that 90% reduction happens in premature death due to weight loss surgeries, otherwise, people will die from deadly conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. And bariatric surgery is considered one of the safest surgeries which only causes some mild side effects such as nutrition deficiency, and certain digestive problems. These side effects are rare and can be easily treated with medications and supplements.

  • Weight loss surgery will solve all my health-related problems.

Fact: The answer is no; bariatric surgery is not going to solve all your health-related problems. It’s not going to make you super healthy from unhealthy. However, it can help you in solving your weight-related problems such as high blood pressure, hypertension, etc. Because obesity can increase your risk of certain medical conditions or make the existing ones worse. That’s why people who have bariatric surgery manage their diseases better than people who do get the surgery. And additionally, they may eventually eliminate those conditions over time. Keep in mind, bariatric surgery will only be effective if you follow long-term diet and lifestyle plans prescribed by a bariatric surgeon.

  • Weight loss is not effective because people gain their lost weight back.

Fact: That is not true. Only 30% of weight loss surgery patients regain their lost weight within 5 years of surgery. This means 70% of people can lose weight permanently. Most weight loss happens in the first year after surgery, regardless of what lifestyle habits patients follow. However, if you don’t follow the lifestyle plan prescribed by your healthcare team properly, you may gain weight over time as the effect of weight loss surgery wears off. But if you follow the procedure properly after surgery you may be able to lose weight permanently. And many long-term studies show that people who have bariatric surgery can lose weight longer than people who lose weight without surgery. It means long-term weight loss is possible with bariatric surgery.

  • Bariatric surgery is only for people who have hundreds of pounds of weight.

Fact: Well, that’s not true because bariatric surgery is not only for severely obese people but for other people who can benefit from it. Many people even take bariatric surgery to improve their coexisting conditions but not only for obesity. Because it offers many health benefits. It is beneficial for people who have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 35 with diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, chronic knee pain, etc. all are good indications for bariatric surgery to improve their health and quality of life.

  • You can’t get pregnant after bariatric surgery.

Fact: Well, that’s not true because you can get pregnant after bariatric surgery. However, there’s a condition you need to wait for 2 years after surgery. One of the reasons for this gap is surgery is used to induce weight loss and the opposite is required during pregnancy. Most patients can hit their plateau of weight loss within 2 years after the surgery, So, they can look forward to pregnancy. Note that weight loss does not make pregnancy difficult, it increases the fertility rates and testosterone levels in men, making you healthier for pregnancy.

These are the most common weight loss surgery myths busted in this article. Weight loss surgery is very effective for weight loss and provides additional benefits for physical and mental health. So, if you are an eligible candidate for weight loss surgery, then you should not wait and take the surgery to enjoy its benefits.

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