Battling the Itch: A Comprehensive Guide to Yeast Infections in Women’s Health

A vaginal yeast infection, also called vaginal candidiasis, is a fungal infection, that causes irritation and itchiness in your vagina. This condition is common and affects 75% of the women population, and can happen at least once in your lifetime. It can also happen anytime, although there are several factors that can make its growth more likely.

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Candida is a specific type of yeast and yeast is a type of fungus. When the yeast in your body is balanced, you will have no problem. But when it becomes out of balance, it can grow rapidly and causes you to develop yeast infection.

If you have vaginal yeast infection, your vulva’s looks and how it feels change. The type of your vaginal discharge will also change, it will become thicker and lumpier but the smell won’t have any difference. The skin outside your vaginal opening will also itch. But not everyone will experience these symptoms.

Three-fourths of the people assigned female at birth population will have at least one vaginal yeast infection in their lifetime. This condition (vaginal yeast infection) is one of the most common cause of vaginitis. And they are common when you reach puberty and before you hit menopause.

If you have symptoms for vaginal yeast infection, make sure that you consult your medical provider for a proper diagnosis. Once diagnosed, you should start treatment immediately even though this is not an emergency medical condition. Vaginal yeast infection is not considered a sexually transmitted infection but it can be passed from person to person through engaging in sexual activity with someone who is already infected.

Vaginal yeast infection is highly treatable. It can be treated with antifungal medications. But specific medication is needed based on the severity of your infection. Medications can either be oral or topical. Consult your medical provider so you can follow the proper direction of your medication. Also note that if you are taking medication for vaginal yeast infection, you cannot have sex until you are done with your medication. Sex can only make your vagina more irritated and the antifungal medications can weaken the materials used in condoms.

If you think you have yeast infection, do not try to treat yourself. Contact your medical provider and schedule an appointment immediately. It is important to note that the symptoms for yeast infection are similar to other medical conditions, some are more serious than yeast infection, such as sexually transmitted infections. So it is advisable that you seek treatment from professionals and not try self-medication.

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