Cancer Screening Tests Every Woman Should Know

Cancer screening tests are something that all of us dread. These are the types of medical screenings that we do not want to think about, even for women. For more information about cancer screening tests, you can talk to the best GYN in Brownsville at Doral Health and Wellness – Women’s Health Center

You may always seem to find reasons to delay them but putting them off is such a bad idea. Getting tested is something that you should find time to do, especially if you have a family history of certain types of cancer.  

Here are some of the screening tests that every woman should know of, most especially if recommended by the doctor.  

  • Breast – A screening test that involves your breast is called a mammogram. It is an X-ray procedure that detects lumps in your breast tissues, while they are still small and have not spread to the other parts of your body.  
  • Cervical – A pap test is done to look for abnormal cells in the cervix, this is done by scraping off a little tissue in your cervix to be examined in the lab. Women in their reproductive years should prioritize this kind of test in their annual checkups. 
  • Ovarian – There is no recommended screening test for ovarian cancer. But if you have a family of ovarian cancer, you can opt to have a vaginal ultrasound test that can find masses in your ovaries.
  • Colorectal – Polyps can form in your intestine, especially if you are an older woman. Certain tests, such as colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy, are recommended to find out if you have abnormal growths in your intestines, colon, or rectum. 
  • Skin – There are different types of skin cancer, and many of them are visible if you know what to look for. Your doctor may want to examine your skin for anything unusual that they might have noticed during your checkup. If you have moles or spots in your skin that are uneven or have an odd shape, have them checked by your doctor immediately. 
  • HPV (Human Papillomavirus) – The human papillomavirus is a group of sexually transmitted viruses that can eventually lead to certain types of cancer. You might not know that you are affected by this disease. Have yourself regularly checked to rule out this type of illness. 
  • Genetic testing – A certain type of gene irregularity can lead to certain types of cancer, such as ovarian or breast cancer. You might have this kind of mutation in your genes, and your risk is higher than other women who don’t have it.  
  • Lung – if you have been smoking most of your life, or if you have a family history of lung cancer, it is recommended that you have yourself checked for lung cancer. This illness is also associated with environmental factors, such as exposure to harmful chemicals. 

We get scared most of the time, especially when it comes to our health. But we, women, should know that it is never good to put off getting ourselves checked. Especially if there is something unusual that we notice in our body. Getting screened early means that we can seek treatments early too.  

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