Diabetes & diet: Everything you need to know

What diet plan should you follow to manage your diabetes? This question worries many diabetics because certain foods can raise blood sugar levels in the body which can increase the risk of diabetes complications.

Diabetes is one of the most well-known chronic endocrinal diseases in the world. It affects your insulin hormone, which regulates blood glucose levels in the body. There is no cure for diabetes, but with treatment and lifestyle changes, you can manage its symptoms and live a better life. That’s why it is important to notice its symptoms and start treatment to manage your condition. Diet plans for diabetes play a key role in the management of diabetes as food is the main source of energy and impacts blood glucose levels.

The relationship between food and blood sugar level

Food is the main source of our energy. When we eat food, it breaks down into sugar and turns into glucose in the stomach. So, it easily mixes in our blood and is absorbed by cells or tissues in the form of energy to regulate body functions. The glucose level in our blood is managed by insulin. Insulin regulates blood glucose in the body. Now, when you have diabetes (whether it’s type 1 or type 2 diabetes) your insulin is not adequate/effective in managing blood sugar levels. And certain foods which contain carbohydrates and saturated fats can increase blood glucose levels quickly. This rise in blood glucose levels can cause serious health problems like vision loss, and kidney or heart diseases if you fail to manage your blood sugar levels.

That’s why you must make the right eating choices to prevent these complications and manage your diabetes. And people who are on the verge of developing diabetes or have prediabetes also should be eating the right foods to keep their blood sugar level in the normal range and prevent the development of type 2 diabetes later.

The plate method

This method is used for meal planning and focuses on consuming more vegetables. This method is amazingly effective for diabetes patients as you visualize yourself eating more Non starchy vegetables and lean protein while limiting your consumption of high-carb foods you eat.

These are the steps you should follow in this method when you prepare your plate for eating:

  • Fill half your plate with Non starchy vegetables such as spinach, carrots, or tomatoes.
  • Fill a quarter with protein food such as lean pork, chicken, and tuna.
  • And in the last quarter put some whole grain items, such as brown rice, peas, or beans.
  • Include some good fats (fruits such as nuts or avocados).
  • Add a serving of fruits, water, or unsweetened tea or coffee.

The diabetes diet plan is important for diabetes management as food directly impacts blood glucose levels and increases the risk of diabetes complications and which can be life-threatening. So, it is essential that you discuss with your doctor what diet plan you should follow and which foods you should avoid.

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