Headache is a very common complaint in most people, almost half of the adult population experiences headache at least once within a year. While headaches are often painful and uncomfortable, they are very treatable with simple over-the-counter pain relievers and often go away after several hours. However, you should watch out for repeated attacks of headaches as they could be a sign of a more serious health condition. If you have or are experiencing a repeated attack of headache, contact Doral Health and Wellness and talk to our primary care doctors. They are the best doctors in Brooklyn, and they can help you with your condition.

Headaches have more than 150 different types but are divided into two different main categories. Which are the primary and secondary.

Primary Headaches

A primary headache is when your headache is the main problem, and not caused by another condition. While the pain you feel from primary headaches can be disabling, they are not dangerous. These are often caused by an inflammation of the pain-sensitive parts of the body in and around the neck and head area, including the nerves, blood vessels, and muscles.

Secondary Headaches

A secondary headache is caused by another medical condition that triggers the sensitive parts or areas of your head and neck. A secondary headache is more serious than a primary headache, as it can be a warning sign of a more serious condition, which can include brain tumors, aneurysm, meningitis, or a neck and brain injury. Secondary headaches often appear out of nowhere and can be very painful and excruciating.


Headaches are often caused by different types of conditions, such as disorders of the:

  • Neck
  • Eyes
  • Teeth
  • Brain

Also, there are other factors that can contribute to the onset of your primary headache, which include:

  • Change in your hormone levels
  • Dehydration
  • Medication
  • Diet
  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress

To make a full diagnosis, your medical provider will want to know your medical history. This is the most important part of making a headache diagnosis. Also, you will be asked questions regarding the type of headache that you are experiencing, including the frequency, severity, and location of your headache. For severe headaches, additional tests may be required. This can include blood tests, MRI, CT scan, angiography, and/or a spinal tap.


Headaches can generally be treated by taking over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and aspirin. It is also best that you seek medical advice from your provider so that you would know the underlying cause of your headache.

Headaches are very common and aren’t usually a cause for concern. But if you are having frequent and severe headaches, it is best that you seek medical attention immediately as it can be a symptom of a serious underlying health condition.

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