Bedsore management: common causes of bedsores

Are you experiencing pain, color change, or discomfort sensation on your skin? If yes, you may develop a bedsore. It is a skin condition that occurs due to prolonged pressure, friction, or shear on some area or region of your skin. While this condition gets cured easily with treatment, in some cases, it does not get healed. So, it is better if you know preventive measures for bedsores management to avoid them and notice early signs of the condition to get treatment.  

Learn about bedsores causes in this article.  

What are Bedsores? 

Bed sores which are also known as pressure ulcers and decubitus ulcers are a type of skin injury caused by prolonged pressure on a certain area or region. These are usually developed on the skin that covers your bony areas of the body which include heels, hips, ankles, and tailbone.  

These bedsores can limit your mobility and people who spend their most time on bed or chair may develop bed sores over time. However, it may even develop over hours or days. These sores can heal with treatment but in some cases, they never heal fully. But you can take some steps to prevent bedsores and help them heal.  


Bedsores are usually caused by prolonged pressure against the skin that decreases the blood flow to the skin which can limit the movement of the skin and make it more vulnerable to damage or development of bedsores.  

3 major factors lead to bedsores:  

  1. Pressure:  Constant pressure on any part of the body can decrease the blood flow in your tissues. As blood flow is important for sending oxygen and other nutrients to tissues that keep the skin healthy, without them it becomes vulnerable to damage or might eventually die.  Less mobile people, who usually sit in a particular way may experience pressure in areas that are not padded with muscle or fat like the spine, shoulder blades, hips, heels, and elbows.  
  2. Friction: This happens when a particular area of your skin scrapes against clothing or bedding, increasing its susceptibility to harm, especially if the skin is damp.  
  3. Shear:  This happens when two surfaces move in opposite direction, for example, during your sleep, you may tilt your head or slide down in bed, which also move your tailbone with the skin over the bone to stay in place especially if you pull them in the opposite direction.  

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