Impetigo is a highly contagious skin infection caused by a bacterium. It can spread easily and is very common in infants and young children but could affect adults too.

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The bacteria infect the outer layers of your skin called the epidermis. This condition often affects your face, arms, and legs. The infection can begin as minor cuts, insect bites, or as a rash. If the infection starts on healthy skin, it is called primary impetigo, and when it starts to occur on broken skin, it is called secondary impetigo.


Impetigo sores can appear anywhere on your body, but children mostly have them on their faces and legs. The infected areas vary in size. They could start as tiny blisters that could break and turn to moist and red skin. In some serious cases, the infection could get deeper into your skin. When that happens, it can cause pus-filled bumps with crusts that are much darker and thicker than ordinary impetigo.


The most common way of having impetigo is when you have contact with someone who already has the infection. It is especially easy to pick up this infection if you have an open wound where the bacteria could enter. Children can also catch impetigo if they share clothes, bedding, towels, and other personal items with someone who already has the infection.


The best way in preventing impetigo is by practicing good personal hygiene and by maintaining a clean environment. Once you and your children get infected by impetigo, give it proper attention to keep it from spreading. Topical or oral antibiotics can also help in treating the infection.

If anyone in your family gets infected by impetigo, they should use a clean towel every time and not share it with anyone else in the family. The towels should also be washed separately.

Having cuts and scrapes can increase your risk of getting it infected. Make sure to have your cuts and open opens cleaned, disinfected, and bandaged every day. Also, living in a hot and humid climate will increase your chances of contracting impetigo. If you suspect that you or your child or your loved one has impetigo, consult your doctor immediately to discuss your treatment option and stop the spread of infection.

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