Ovarian Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cause of cancer-related death among women. 

Ovarian cancer is a cancerous growth that starts in the ovary or the fallopian tubes and the peritoneum. For more information about treatment for ovarian cancer, you can talk to the best GYN in Brownsville at Doral Health and Wellness – Women’s Health Center

In the initial stages, symptoms may be few or no symptoms at all. But if symptoms do occur, they pose as symptoms of other medical conditions such as premenstrual syndrome or irritable bowel syndrome. However, in ovarian cancer, these symptoms persist and worsen. Early symptoms may include: 

  • Bloating 
  • Constipation or any changes in the bathroom habits 
  • Abdominal or back pain 
  • Unexpected vaginal bleeding 
  • Feeling full too quickly 
  • Pain or pressure in the pelvic area 

Pay attention to what your body is telling you. If you have any signs that lasted for more than two weeks and you are certain that they are not normal to you, consult a doctor right away.  

There is no way to know for sure if you’ll get ovarian cancer. Although most women get it without being at substantial risk. There are factors that can increase your risk of getting ovarian cancer, and they may be: 

  • Obesity – being overweight or obese could increase the risk of having ovarian cancer 
  • Hereditary – A family history of ovarian cancer has an increased risk of this disease 
  • Endometriosis – This is a painful disorder where a similar tissue lining inside your uterus grows outside your uterus 
  • Old age – The risk of having ovarian cancer increase as you age 
  • Never having been pregnant – Never having been pregnant also increases the risk of having this disease

There is no way to prevent ovarian cancer. However, there are ways to reduce the risk. If you have most of these symptoms, you are at a much higher risk of having ovarian cancer. Talk to your doctor and discuss with them your risk factors. If you have a family history of ovarian and breast cancer, it is best to bring this up with your doctor. If they find a gene that increases your risk, you may consider surgery to remove your ovaries to prevent cancer. 

Receiving an ovarian cancer diagnosis can be very overwhelming. But that is not the end of your medical journey with that disease. There are more tests that you need to undergo, along with the tests that you already have. Your doctors and specialists will talk to you and discuss the best treatment plan for you.  

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