Types of Blindness

Blindness is your inability to see, or your lack of vision. When you have a severe case of this condition, you may have the inability to see light. When this happens, it cannot be corrected with eye drops, eyeglasses, contact lenses, or other medical therapy. Blindness is common throughout the world and it can happen to anyone.

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There are several types of blindness, and they can include:

  • Partial blindness – this is the type where you still have some vision left, or you only have a very limited vision. Some people call this condition “low vision”. Age macular degeneration is a condition that causes partial blindness.
  • Complete blindness – this is where you can’t see or detect any lights. This condition is rare but treatments can help restore your vision, depending on the cause and severity of your vision loss.
  • Congenital blindness – this condition is when you are born with poor vision. This is caused by inherited eye and retinal conditions. If you have congenital blindness, you do cannot experience a detailed visual image of an object. You can only see blobs or flashing of colors and lights.
  • Legal blindness – normal vision of a person is 20/20. You will be considered legally blind when you have a vision of 20/200. This means that you need to be 10 times closer to the object in order to see them, or the object has to be 10 times closer or larger.
  • Nutritional blindness – this condition is caused by a deficiency of vitamin A, which causes damage to the surface of your eyes

If you are wondering about color blindness, it is not a type of blindness in the traditional sense. Color blindness is a color deficiency, where you see colors in different ways.

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