Wellness Wednesday at Doral Health and Wellness

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It’s that time of the week once again that we remind ourselves that we should prioritize our mental health and well-being. Having a positive mental attitude helps us improve our life. Sure enough, life is not always rainbows and butterflies, but just looking at the brighter side of life keeps us happy and healthy.  

Let us always do our best to instill in ourselves a positive outlook in everything that we do. And make sure that we always prioritize our mental and physical health. 

Here are some tips to improve our physical health: 

  • Find an exercise that you will enjoy 

If you are doing exercise, but can’t seem to be consistent in doing it, it might be time to choose another activity that you’ll love doing. Whenever you do something that you hate or do not like, it is easy to convince yourself not to do it. So why not explore other activities and try out some exercises until you find something that you like? You could start with swimming, yoga, trekking, bicycling, running, jogging, Zumba, boxing, or lifting weights. 

  • Cut down sugar intake 

Oh yes, we sure do love our share of chocolates. But too much sugar in our bodies is not good for our health. If you are too attached to your sweet foods, try to do a one-week sugar detox to reset your taste buds and cut down on sugar cravings.  

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables 

Fruits and vegetables are known for their benefits of lowering your high blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease, preventing many kinds of cancers, and more. Make it part of your wellness routine to include your favorite fruits and veggies in your meals and snacks. 

  • Drink enough water 

Make sure that you can consume at least a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day. Consuming enough water also helps lift your mood and proper focus. If you need help tracking your water intake, you can use a tracking app on your mobile phone. Or you can also use one of those motivational water bottles that remind you to drink every hour. 

  • Always make sleep a priority 

Sleep is especially important for your health, as much as exercising, eating fruits and vegetables, and drinking enough water. Committing to sleep at least 8 hours a day can sometimes be a challenging feat. Especially with having kids, a demanding job, and other commitments. Make sleep a priority, not just on your wellness Wednesday routine but every day. Try some activities before bedtime that can help you quiet your mind and make you sleep better during the night. 

  • Enjoy the sun 

Try to soak up some sunshine to get your daily dose of free vitamin D, inhale fresh air, and clear your mind. Enjoying the outdoors is good for the soul. Try going for a walk, exploring a new park, or walking to the nearest coffee shop the next time you need to get your cup of coffee.  

  • Stay away from alcohol and drugs 

If you need to drink, try to drink more cautiously and moderately. Alcohol plays a significant role in your mental and physical health. Try to incorporate an alcohol-free week, then an alcohol-free month until you can keep alcohol out of your system. 

  • Quit smoking 

If you are a smoker, it is not too late to quit. Once you stop, you reap many health benefits from staying away from smoking. Smoking can cause serious health problems, such as lung disease, heart disease, and stroke. If you smoke, you are not only putting yourself in danger but also the people around you. Direct smokers are not the only ones in danger, but also those that are non-smokers but have second-hand exposure to smoke. 

  • Schedule a checkup with your doctor 

Have you seen your gynecologist for the past year? If not, it is time that you schedule your checkup as soon as possible. And while you are at it, schedule appointments that need yearly checkups. This can include an appointment with your dentist, eye doctor, general physician, or anyone else needed for your physical health. 

Developing positive health habits cannot be done overnight. You need to start slow and be consistent. Make slight changes at first so as not to overwhelm yourself. Add one new health behavior gradually. Work around challenges and don’t get discouraged easily. Remember, tremendous changes start with little steps. Being healthy is not just about getting fit, it is also about staying motivated.  

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