What is Dandruff

Dandruff is a very common condition that causes the skin on your scalp to flake and itch. It is not contagious, but it can be very embarrassing especially when the flakes settle on your shoulder. Although some mild dandruff can be treated with a gentle shampoo, but it can sometimes only work for a few weeks and symptoms may return a few days or weeks later.

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This condition is related to seborrheic dermatitis (SD) and about half of the adult population is affected by this condition.


The main symptom of dandruff is an itchy, scaly scalp and flakes. This condition often gets worse during the fall and winter season when the air is dry. Additional symptoms may include:

  • Erythema, or the red patches on the skin and scalp
  • Eyebrow dandruff
  • Hair loss
  • Dry flakes


There are many factors that can contribute to the development of dandruff making it very hard to pinpoint an exact cause. Several causes of this condition may include:

  • Irritated oily skin
  • Dry skin
  • A fungus that feeds on the oils of the scalp
  • Sensitivity to certain hair products
  • Other skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema
  • Too much exposure to sunlight
  • Excessive pressure on the scalp, sometimes from hats
  • Overbrushing of hair
  • Exposure to dust or dirt

Some people may be more susceptible to dandruff than others. Also, men tend to develop dandruff more frequently than women.


The best way to treat dandruff is to use dandruff shampoo and scalp treatments. Some shampoos may require a prescription, but some can be purchased readily over the counter. There are also home remedies you can try before you opt for the medicated ones. Some home remedies can include:

  • Baking soda – gently rub into your scalp while showering and rinse after a few minutes
  • Apple cider vinegar – mix ¼ ACV to ¼ cup of water, apply to hair for 15 minutes to 1 hour then rinse out
  • Coconut oil – rub on your hair, leave on for 1 hour, then rinse out
  • Lemon juice – rub 2 teaspoons on your hair, leave on for 1 hour, then rinse out
  • Aloe vera – rub into your hair before you rinse out
  • Olive oil – rub 10 drops into your hair, cover with a shower cap, and leave on hair overnight. Wash hair in the morning


Here are some tips you can use to prevent dandruff.

  • Practice good hygiene and resist the urge to always scratch your scalp.
  • Find the right balance of shampooing, the frequency, and the type of hair and scalp products you use.
  • Reduce stress. Too much stress can cause flare-ups.
  • Enjoying the fresh air outdoors will help reduce oil build-up on the hair.
  • Massage your scalp.
  • Limit friction. Limit wearing hats and scarfs that cause too much friction on your hair and scalp

Dandruff can be very annoying, frustrating, and embarrassing at times, but it doesn’t usually indicate a more serious health issue. Dandruff can be easy to treat, you just have to find the right products suitable for you. But if dandruff is severe and symptoms persist even after trying most of the recommended treatments, talk to your dermatologist. They can help you in addressing more serious dandruff conditions.

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