What is Hysterectomy ?

A hysterectomy is a surgical procedure done on women who want to have their uterus removed. Mostly, they have them removed to permanently prevent themselves from getting pregnant. But there are other health problems that affect the female reproductive system that can be treated by getting a hysterectomy, such as: 

  • Heavy periods 
  • Chronic pelvic pain 
  • Fibroids 
  • Ovarian cancer 
  • Cervical cancer 
  • Cancer of the fallopian tubes 
  • Womb cancer 

A hysterectomy is considered a major operation and needs a long time for recovery, so this option is only considered to treat these health problems if other less invasive treatments have been ruled out. To know more about hysterectomy, you can talk to the best GYN in Brownsville and discuss your questions and inquiries with them. You can visit our clinic or visit our website at Doral Health and Wellness – Women’s Health Center 


There are different types of hysterectomy, and the type that you want, or need will depend on why you will the need operation and on how much of your uterus and reproductive system can be safely left in place: 

  • Total Hysterectomy – the most commonly performed procedure, where your womb and cervix are removed 
  • Subtotal Hysterectomy – your womb is removed, but your cervix is still in place 
  • Total Hysterectomy with Bilateral Salpingo-oophorectomy – your womb, cervix ovaries, and fallopian tubes are removed 
  • Radical Hysterectomy – your womb and its surrounding tissues are removed, including your fallopian tubes, part of your vagina, lymph glands, fatty tissues, and parts of your vagina 


Like any other major operation, you must also be prepared for the complications that come along with the procedure, no matter how small. Some of these complications can include: 

  • Heavy bleeding 
  • Possible damage to your bladder and bowel 
  • The risk of infection 
  • A serious reaction to your general anesthesia


Hysterectomy is a major operation, and you may need to stay in the hospital for a few more days or even a week after the operation. It can also take about six (6) to eight (8) weeks to fully recover from a hysterectomy. Although healing and recovery can vary depending on the type of hysterectomy procedure that you will undergo. After surgery, do not try to lift anything heavy, and rest as much as you can. Your body needs to gain strength and recuperate properly after the procedure. You will need ample time for your abdominal muscles and tissues to fully heal.  


Hysterectomy also has side effects and some of the most common side effects of this procedure are vaginal discharge and irritation/infection on the incision site. If your ovaries are removed during the procedure, you may experience menopausal symptoms such as: 

  • Loss of libido 
  • Vaginal dryness 
  • Hot flashes 
  • Insomnia or difficulty sleeping 

Before the procedure, ask your gynecologist about your treatment options to avoid these side effects. 

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